Careers in the New World

  • Developing career agility and resilience.
  • Creating a mindset for portfolio careers.
  • Developing the capacity to hold multiple, and perhaps unrelated projects.
  • How to bring the whole self to work rather than having separate home and work masks.
  • How to work with algorithms and platforms.
  • How to build routines of wellbeing that are stable and constructive regardless of career context.
  • The root system and how it provides both stability, plus storage and regulation of nutrients. The root system also is also somewhat adaptive whilst it is true that the tree can only thrive within certain climatic boundaries. The roots are our underlying resilience.
  • Multiple large branch structures. Many large trees can survive with the loss of some major branches. The branches are our core work streams or specialisations.
  • Leaves that capture, store and process energy. These leaves are often lost many times in an entire life. The leaves represent our agility and importantly our attitude to ongoing learning and generation of energy.
  • His current levels of resilience and how to build this (the root system).
  • Clarifying a small portfolio of exceptional capabilities (the major branches).
  • A growth mindset to learn quickly and frequently to fuel continued growth and agility (the leaves).



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Mark Powell

Mark Powell

Mark founded XD to help senior executives and their teams to rise to the challenge and become the best they can be by through coaching experience.